Helpful tips for gameplay

As a new agent you may have many questions. Thankfully we have compiled a list of tips to help your spying career get off to a flying start.


  1. An indicator appears below cities your target might be in.
  2. Ending your turn in the same city your target is in will blow your cover – fatally.
  3. If you hide near your target, they may end their turn in your city - winning you the game.
  4. Players get a small amount of intel each turn, plus more from each city you control.
  5. Every symbol on a city is explained in its legend.
  6. The player who controls more cities often wins.
  7. Deep Cover lets you sneak into your target's cities.
  8. Your loadout lets you choose between extra intel or more advanced abilities.
  9. Players' last-known location will fade away when they gain cover.
  10. The first player to start their turn on an Intel or Action pickup gets it.
  11. If an operation drags on, cities will close one by one.


  1. Intel is more likely to appear on bonus cities and cities that already have intel.
  2. Deep Cover can defend against Prep Mission combos like Locate or Rapid Recon.
  3. Both players hear the same sound effects.
  4. Spy pins don't affect gameplay, except when they dazzle your target into submission.
  5. Rapid Recon allows you to hunt for your target from cover.
  6. Bonus cities give more intel per turn. Their names are in bold.
  7. Cities' "Could be here" indicators consider factors like Deep Cover and Encryption.
  8. Controlling a line of cities across the map hems in your target.
  9. Locate and Rapid Recon are very powerful when combined with Prep Mission.
  10. With enough Intel, you can Prep Mission multiple times in one turn.
  11. You can tap and hold your target's actions display to see what they did last turn.
  12. You can tap and hold how much intel you have to see how much you're getting per turn.
  13. Browsing what missions you can achieve can reveal interesting tactics.
  14. If Intel appears in a city, you know your target is not hiding there.
  15. You can see what your target spends Intel on – unless they unlock Encryption.
  16. If your target has won more operations than you, you will start with bonus Intel.
  17. Cities that have closed still generate Intel.