Two Spies

A turn-based spy training program for iPhone and iPad. Available now.

London, 1963.

Hello, agent.

As our agency's latest recruit, you have the privilege of experiencing Two Spies, our state of the art Program for Espionage Strategy Training, or PEST. One day, you will take out the world’s most ruthless agents. Today, you will take out each other. In a game. A very serious training game with cool abilities and maps and stuff.

— HQ

Spy against spy

Espionage training

Play Quick Matches online, challenge friends, or practice against a bot.

Cold War Europe

Go undercover

Control informants to capture areas of the map.

Turn-based strategy

Face off one on one

Sneak to survive, strike to win.

Quick rounds

Play up to 5 wins

Deceptively simple, board game style play.

Earn ranks

Play against the world

Get a Season Pass to reveal ranks for you and others.

No pay to win

No gems, no nonsense

Unlock stats and cosmetics, collect dapper merit pins.