Two Spies



Royal Pixel Service
Vancouver, BC
Release date:
December 2019
iPhone, iPad
Free, cosmetic IAP


A turn-based spy training program for iPhone and iPad, available on the App Store. Face off against a friend in Cold War Europe. Sneak to gain cover, control cities' informants to capture areas of the map, deduce your target's location – or trick them into revealing it – and strike to win the round.

Based on a fictional board game created to train spies in the 1960s, Two Spies supports play over local wireless, "pass and play", internet play against a friend, plus a training bot that can help players learn the ropes.

Rounds are played in real time but only take a few minutes each, making Two Spies a great game to enjoy over a beer – or a martini. Strategy plays a role, but deception and thinking "one step ahead" is half of the fun.


  • Turn-based strategy: Face off with a friend.
  • Cold War Europe: Control cities, go undercover.
  • Quick rounds: Play to 5 wins or sudden death.
  • Fun in person: Friend required, martini optional.
  • Cosmetic upgrades: No gems or other nonsense.


All the way back in 2014, Steamclock's Allen Pike had the itch to prototype a game, and a desire learn Swift – Apple's latest programming language. Inspired by boardgame-like turn-based games like Letterpress, a coding-intense weekend resulted in a prototype spy strategy game. After some highly scientific playtesting at a local bar, the conclusion was swift: it was fun!

Although Steamclock generally makes consumer and productivity apps, the founding team has a long background in game development – co-founder Nigel Brooke worked at Radical Entertainment, later part of Activision, for a decade before going indie. As such, Two Spies was a popular side project to pick up for a few weeks of iteration here and there, between other projects. In this way it was a real team effort and great testbed for new technologies and Swift language features.

By 2018, the game had evolved into a "real time" turn based flow, and was getting increasingly positive feedback from playtesters. After some... discussion, the decision was made not to publish a game under a brand with the word "Steam" in it. Thus, the Royal Pixel Service was born, as Steamclock's sibling company for publishing games and side projects – starting with Two Spies.





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Allen Pike
Direction, Game Design, Sound Design
Nigel Brooke
Technical Direction
Jake Miner, Brendan Lensink, Jenn Cooper, Malin Sundberg, Abinodh Thomas
UI and Gameplay Development
Erica Leong
Design and Art
Jeremy Chiang, Rob MacEachern, Leia Kim, Rach Teo, Brady Valentino
Production and Support