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release • April 28, 2021

Two Spies Season 2

Today marks the launch of Two Spies Season 2! This update brings with it two new maps to try, two new in-game emotes for for agents who get the Season 2 Pass, and twice as many pins to earn: two for free players, and two more for Season Pass holders. There are also a number of new pins to collect, ranging from the unassuming to villainous.

Two Spies: Season 2

As usual, we’ve also made some fixes and improvements, which we believe will further improve stability for folks who were seeing occasional connection issues and sometimes getting stuck in “between round” screens in previous versions of the game.

A peek into the future

In Season 1, we did a larger “feature update” which made some big changes to how online play and rankings worked, and introduced our new Season Pass system. We got a lot of positive feedback, and we really appreciate the support our Season 1 Pass holders have been giving the game. Overall, feedback has been really positive!

We were a bit surprised, though, to see that the actual number of players playing – and the percentage of players who try the game and stick with it – didn’t really go up with these updates. Players say it’s more fun now, and the reviews are really positive, but the same number of people are playing. 🤔

A lot of the feedback and suggestions we get for the game – add 2v2, build out new continents, add new abilities, etc – would be fun for players who are hooked. But additions like these wouldn’t help hook new players.

Players who don’t get to their first Quick Match victory don’t typically send us any feedback, but they make up most people who try the game. If we want to turn Two Spies into a sustainable game that has a wide array of opponents playing online and a business model that can fund big projects like an Android port, we need to improve that new-player experience to the point that more people “click” and stay with the game.

Some folks have argued that Two Spies is just destined to be a little side project folks play with friends here and there. Which might be true. But the feedback we get from players is so positive that it still seems like it could be more.

So we don’t have a specific plan yet, but our next focus in terms of considering features and improvements is how we can help more folks find that rush of their first victory. We have a lot of ideas we’re weighing, but if you have any feedback we’d love to hear them on Reddit.

And for the time being, Season 2 is upon us. Get out in the field and enjoy it. Best of luck, agents!