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release • December 9, 2019

Two Spies Is Now Live

Our technicians have informed us that the program, “Two Spies”, is now fully deployed on the App Store. It is nominally free, but agents can support the program by purchasing a personal pin to identify themselves in the field.

The communications department has provided the following key briefing points for officers, and others with short attention spans:

As described in the briefing dossier, Two Spies is a turn-based spy training program for iPhone and iPad. It allows you to face off against a friend in Cold War Europe. Sneak to gain cover, capture areas of the map, deduce your target’s location – or trick them into revealing it – and strike to win the round.

Two Spies supports play over local wireless, “pass and play”, synchronous internet play against a friend, plus a training bot that can help players learn the ropes.

Rounds are played in real time but only take a few minutes each, making Two Spies a great game to enjoy over a beer – or a martini. Strategy plays a role, but deception and unexpected moves are the real key to victory.

This release was only possible with the hard work and creativity of many agents in various fields. We also want to thank our brave test pilots who served as fearless guinea pigs for many early versions of this training program that may have posed risk to life and limb. This program will forever be in these teams’ debt.

Now, get the game, recruit a friend, send us feedback via email or Reddit, and have fun. That’s an order.